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This is a community for fans of the band Echo & the Bunnymen!

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Band members (original line-up): Ian McCulloch, Will Sergeant, Les Pattinson, Pete De Freitas

Band members (current):Ian McCulloch, Will Sergerant, Paul Fleming, Simon Finley, Peter Wilkinson

Pre-breakup Albums: Crocodiles (1980), Shine So Hard EP (1980), Heaven Up Here (1981), Porcupine (1983), Ocean Rain (1984), Songs to Learn & Sing (1986), self-titled album (1987).

At the end of 1988, McCulloch left the band to pursue a solo career; the rest of the band decided to continue without the singer. Tragedy hit the band in the summer of 1989 when de Freitas was killed in an auto accident.

Ian McCulloch solo albums: Candleland (1989), Mysterio (1992), and Slideling (2003).

Echo & the Bunnymen without Ian McCulloch released Reverberation (1990)

McCulloch and Sergeant formed Electrafixion in 1994, releasing their first album in 1995.

Echo & the Bunnymen reformed w/ McCulloch, Sergeant, and Pattinson. Albums: Evergreen (1997), What Are You Going to Do With Your Life? (1999) without Pattinson, Flowers (2001) without Pattinson, Live in Liverpool (2001), and for 2005's Siberia, McCulloch and Sergeant joined producer Hugh Jones for the band's most classic effort since their 1997 comeback.

Will Sergeant also has a side project called Glide. He's released 2 full-length albums Space Age Freak Out (1997) and Curvature of the Earth (2004), as well as many singles and EPs. You can learn more about Glide on the website http://www.glide-sonic.com

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About your moderator blinkilite:
I am an active member of the official Bunnymen forum, the Glide forum, and the fan forum at Villiers Terrace.com. I am on their e-mail lists too. I started this community because I love this band and thought the lack of Bunnymen presence on LJ needed to be rectified. Most times I re-post messages found in the news section of the bunnymen main site (http://www.bunnymen.com) and announcements made on the forums...

Just trying to spread the word and the Bunnymen love out to the world. ^_^ I encourage you to post your Bunnymen-related stories of live shows, post photos, icons, anything at all!